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Barking Points Memo

Oct 17, 2022

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! There's actual good news this time! I know it's really weird but sometimes this happens. Support your favorite voice over artists as they are currently locked in a battle against Sony! Alex Jones has to pay almost a billion dollars, y'all!

BARKING POINT: Create the Next Lovably-Evil Horror Villain


SPONSORS: Aode (Lion), Aylor, blimpeh, Chris, Deltanova, Dissonant Dragon Drifa Jónsdóttir, Garglestone, Graith Ilesanmi, Kokiteno, Lance Leoghauni, LF, Mewyabby, Midori Switch Hound, newdarkcloud, phillypu, Rei Moonwuff, saul mondriaan, scuttlefuzz, sensual kazoo, TailStrike, Takel, Tillen Shark, Torsten 'Two Wolfies' Pihl, Varulf, WrenYena, & Xurnami