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Barking Points Memo

Oct 22, 2019

We follow a long, meandering chain of stories that all come down to a reboot of the dot-com crash, and the debut of a new segment that will hopefully enrich us all, culturally.

BARKING POINT: Legally Distinct Bargain Halloween Costumes

SPONSORS: Rei Moonwuff, saul mondriaan, scuttlefuzz, SixArmedSweater, Spooky...

Oct 15, 2019

Ellen Doubles Down on Giving Social Cover for War Criminals, Blizzard Blows, and DELETE FACEBOOK.

Barking Point: What will you download in spite of warnings and physical impossibility?

SPONSORS: Gabe Fox, Jake Soot, John Franklin, Lance Leoghauni, LF, Linearscrew, Marty, newdarkcloud, Nik Clarkson, no, PhillyPu, &...

Oct 8, 2019

Ace is here in spite of bronchitis and Edge in spite of his internet constantly going out! We discuss Sesame Street Ice'd, Ellen Loves Dancing and War Crimes, is Rudy Giuliani Doing Okay, and Destiny: How Are There Still People Who Think It's Acceptable to Say That Word Even 'In Private'.
BARKING POINT: What did Rick...

Oct 1, 2019

Recording amidst the ever-breaking news of the Trump, Republican Administration's inevitable breakdown under the weight of all those crimes, Axel, Sahoni, & Sol talk public pressure versus intractable leadership, Tik-Tok: STOP USING IT, and the return of phrenology but all techy and AI-y this time so it's okay don't...