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Barking Points Memo

Dec 24, 2019

Taking a break from the news, we make fun of the doomed-from-the-outset Cats film adaptation, and have a Pop Culture Potluck to keep ourselves warm amidst this dark winter.

BARKING POINT: What 20's fad are we bringing back and updating for the 2020s?

Big Structural Chungus' Barking Point Entry
Crowned Rat's Barking...

Dec 16, 2019

We are joined by Reed/Vivax of the SCP Foundation to discuss a strange legal battle to protect a valuable asset to the public domain, in addition to a Pete Buttigeig slam session and a story about old racist statues that just won't die.
SCP Legal Defense Fund


Dec 3, 2019

When the cat's away the mice* will play, the Axel-less gang discuss Riot Games finally paying its dues, the necessary protests of Amazon's general malfeasance but also squalid worker rights, also George Clooney has a human rights satellite?!

BARKING POINT: Run your Papa John's Former CEO Pizza Ultra-Binge Simulation and...