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Barking Points Memo

Jan 27, 2020

After a week off from FurCon 2020, we're back to bring you stories like Canada: Like All the Bad Parts of America But They Have Healthcare & Primary Nonsense featuring the Joe Biden and Mayor Pete.

Unist'ot'en Camp

BARKING POINT: Mascot obituaries!

This Week's Barking Pointers:

Jan 14, 2020

AI is taking over Hollywood, Facebook plants a story in attempt to appear like they're doing anything about misinformation, and we take a slight detour into The Goop for a scented candle that nobody could, nay, should ever love. AND MORE!!
BARKING POINT: Doomed Concept Cars

This week's Barking Pointers:

Jan 8, 2020

We're in the 20s! And the right wing is trying to start a war with Iran, again! Also Luno brings us a first-hand account of Cats, and finish off with some counter-programming.

BARKING POINT: Find Examples of 'Straight Camp'

This episode's barking pointers: