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Barking Points Memo

Feb 23, 2021

Texas learns an unpleasant lesson about deregulating and privatizing its energy market, everything about the Euphoria app is the worst thing about it, and can we just not with Cruella?

BARKING POINT: Upcoming Scandals of President Biden's Dog

This Week's Barking Pointers:

Feb 15, 2021

WE CAN'T HELP OURSELVES WITH THESE MEGASODES! Internet consolidation, GameStop Stocks and Blockchain currencies are not praxis, and uuuuugh Joss Whedon.

BARKING POINT: Pitch some projects from the new Gina Carano-Daily Wire short-lived tantrum project.

This Week's Barking Pointers

Feb 7, 2021


We talk Sophie, COVID vaccines and how they work, Jan 6th, the starting of the Biden administration, a furry update, and new developments at Neom.

BARKING POINT: Imagine that The Dark Carnival has been sold to Cirque du Soliel, what are the acts?

Article about THE LINE:

Dec 13, 2020

Antitrust charges are finally being levied against Facebook, and a long GAMES UPDATE.

Barking Point: Pitch an episode of a CW-ified reboot of a franchise.

This week's Barking Pointers:

Nov 28, 2020

A tangent-heavy episode covers worldwide protests against state corruption, a movement to make amazon pay some damn taxes, and another for Disney to pay authors royalties, also Ready Player Two is as bad as you expect.

BARKING POINT: Which public figure is going to pick a fight with a random twitter account, and how...