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Barking Points Memo

Jul 29, 2018

When the Axel's away, the rest will play This Fucking Week in poison food and Trump's war against science. Speaking of poison food: PAPA JOHN'S!

"I DIDN'T SHIT MY PANTS, YOU SHAT MY PANTS!" - Papa John, probably

Barking Point: What horrible product/company/human endeavor will disgraced for Papa John's CEO put his dumb...

Jul 15, 2018

We're Back!

This Fukken Week covers the new Furry-Juggalo Alliance, Elon Musk making a further ass of himself, and a Donny Update.
Junius presents the issues facing LGBT+ people working in STEM careers.

Barking Point: What is inside the mysterious Dark Sarcophagus?

Sponsors: mordecai, Fox McChicken, Takel,...

Jul 1, 2018

TFW: Justice Kennedy retires after making our lives worse, the cause for the deadly romaine has been found, and The Gates Foundation is worse than useless.

Ryan covers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's victory and what it means for the Democratic Party going forward.

Barking Point: What is the newest Twitter Influencer...