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Barking Points Memo

Jun 13, 2019

Axel, Lu, and Sahoni get hopped up on 100% pure GAMER FUEL. OH YEAH. LET'S TALK ABOUT TARIFFS AND BOOTLEG BOARD GAMES.

Barking Point: Design the most exploitative, unnecessary, or downright bad collector's edition of a video game.

Theme Music: "Barking Point" by Solardog

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"Beauty Flow",...

May 30, 2019

Ace and Juni lead Axel, Edge, and Lu through the crude depths of Oklahoma's K-12 school curriculum, brought to you by the petrochemical industry.

Barking Point: Now that Taco Bell has branched into hospitality, what will the next brand to open a hotel or resort be, and why will we all hate it?

Theme Music: "Barking...

May 20, 2019

Luno, Ace, and Edge remind us that the internet exists. We apologize deeply for this inconvenience.

Barking Point: In memoriam of YTMND, what Web 1.0 site would you most if it suddenly vanished?

Theme Music: "Barking Point" by Solardog

"Dream Catcher", "Fantasia Fantasia", "Leopard Print Elevator", "Glitter Blast",...

May 11, 2019

[CONTENT WARNING: Sexual Assault, Violence, Gore, Suicide, PTSD]

Axel & Luno discuss the labor dispute at Riot Games & the psychological traumas of working on MK11.

Barking Point: What specialized brain node have games created in you, and what does that node do?

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Apr 26, 2019

Special guests Sahoni and Wolf talk about appropriation of Native American imagery in the fandom & society at large.

Barking Point: New, dumb excuses for Twitter not banning Nazis yet.

Sahoni (@Sahoni_Stuff,

Wolf (@kind7ed)

Indigenous Furs (@IndigenousFurs)

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