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Barking Points Memo

Feb 15, 2019

Axel & Luno get tangled up in the Hot Take Cyclone, threading together Amazon's NYC departure, Activision-Blizzard layoffs, Furry Commission Prices, and Ilhan Omar vs Bad Faith and her callout of Iran-Contra war criminal Elliott Abrams.

BARKING POINT: Create a President's Day tradition that would help make it into a...

Feb 8, 2019

Axel attempts to explain one of his weird sociological metaphors, people are inexplicably mad at Marie Kondo, and what the hell Virginia?!

Barking Point: Terrible Licensed Property Valentines (for Kids!!)

SPONSORS: Adept Omega, Appledectomy, Arlo (Hyena), Aylor, Bobskunk, Brandon Carey, cadejo, Chiaro, Crit the Books &...

Feb 1, 2019

The Polar Vortex has taken our friends! Can Luno and Axel get the Hero's Sword and save Barking Points? WHO KNOWS!

Our main topic for this week — Teachers' Strikes Sweep the Nation, Proving to Us Once Again That Strikes Just Goddamn Work

We introduce the HOT TAKES CYCLONE and coin a new concept:...

Jan 18, 2019

Amidst shutdown madness, we present a very loose episode that dissects THAT FUCKING TRUMP PHOTO SO MANY FRIES, #imgay, the Gillette ad, a detour to Goop, and more!

Barking Point: What contest prize will Pope Francis bless in order to trap someone into going through this private ceremony with him?

Sponsors: knightly,...

Jan 11, 2019

Donald continues his shutdown, Manafort reveals actual collusion, medical marketing in the US reaches historic fever pitch, and TPUSA is TPUSA.

Barking Point: Let's create some very canon, world-building Harry Potter lore.

Sponsors: Drífa Jónsdóttir, Dylan Van Zile, EdwardH, Eric Plaisance, Fuzzy Proxy, gay sara,...