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Barking Points Memo

Apr 20, 2019

Axel, Edge, and Luno take a trip down Elon Musk's Goop of Loops, visit Notre Dame, and marvel the world's only fursuits made by that famous designer… Hägen-Dasz?

Barking Point: Make America's Icons Super Mega Ultra Gay (NOW WITH BLAST PROCESSING!)

SPONSORS: EdwardH, Eric Plaisance, Flufftastic Torsten Pihl of...

Apr 13, 2019


We discuss the wonderful Dogbomb, the unwonderful Duke Energy, and game accessibility. ALSO JOIN THE STOPPIE STRIKERS!

Barking Point: Create a zealously permanent solution to a temporary problem.

SPONSORS: Adept Omega, Appledectomy, Arlo (Hyena), Aylor, Bobskunk, Brandon...

Mar 29, 2019

ACE SURVIVED THE NIGHTMARE and returned to us to discuss the End of Mueller-Mania, NASA's tricky path forward, and Betsy "AUDIBLE SIGH" DeVoss.

Barking Point: What will happen to cheese if it is made to listen to ____ for an extended period?

Sponsors: takel, VerySoftBadger, wijn, Wolfinator, Xurnami & Flufftastic...

Mar 22, 2019

Today's episode of Barking Points Duo delves into the media hellscape where Disney Owns Everything™®!! Also MySpace Totally Lost Its Shit, and Google Announces the Städia.

Barking Point: America's Newest Sales Pitch to the World

SPONSORS: LF, MamaCoffeeCat, Marty, Mogu, Nik Clarkson, no, possumsnoots, scuttlefuzz,...

Mar 15, 2019

Axel, Luno, & Juni discuss Iconocalypse: The College Years, Oh God Bæto is Running for President, and Unreal Engine Presents: Meat!?

Barking Point: What niche internet community, fandom, or subculture will online brands try to appropriate (poorly) next?

Sponsors: Drífa Jónsdóttir, EdwardH, Eric Plaisance, Fuzzy...