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Barking Points Memo

Mar 29, 2019

ACE SURVIVED THE NIGHTMARE and returned to us to discuss the End of Mueller-Mania, NASA's tricky path forward, and Betsy "AUDIBLE SIGH" DeVoss.

Barking Point: What will happen to cheese if it is made to listen to ____ for an extended period?

Sponsors: takel, VerySoftBadger, wijn, Wolfinator, Xurnami & Flufftastic...

Mar 1, 2019

ACE AND JUNI ARE BACK! (Luno was betrayed by The Cloud.)

We discuss North Carolinian Election Fraud, Michael Cohen's Testimony, CRISPRDUDE, and THYeast?!?!

Barking Point: Design your own hackneyed, terrible political performance piece or installation, or surprise us and make a good one.

Sponsors: Rhia Morrison,...

Feb 8, 2019

Axel attempts to explain one of his weird sociological metaphors, people are inexplicably mad at Marie Kondo, and what the hell Virginia?!

Barking Point: Terrible Licensed Property Valentines (for Kids!!)

SPONSORS: Adept Omega, Appledectomy, Arlo (Hyena), Aylor, Bobskunk, Brandon Carey, cadejo, Chiaro, Crit the Books &...

Nov 4, 2018

Now with Lunostophiles! Trump Beats a Dead Constitution, Julian Assange Won't Clean His Gatdang Room, and WeWork is an Amazing Work of 1970s British Sci-Fi. Luno presents Hostile Architecture & What to Do About It.

Barking Point: Design your own Avatar sequel.

Sponsors:Adept Omega, Appledectomy, Aylor, Bobskunk,...

Aug 26, 2018

Ding Dong it's time for a week of joy as Elon Wonka's Car Factory catches fire, the Big Bang Theory is nearing its final curséd moments, and Trump's an unindicted coconspirator for crimes that even Gregg could not approve.

Junius brings us the nation-wide prisoners strike and shows us that slavery didn't end, it...