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Barking Points Memo

Nov 18, 2018

This Week, Fuck!!

The Trump Crap, Betsy DeVos [content warning: sexual assault], California is on Fire, Scientific Certainty at Last, and we learn that maybe amoebas have hearts after all.

Barking Point: Is the current Japanese Minister of Cybersecurity's complete lack of computer knowledge ultimately a good thing or a...

Nov 11, 2018


Petards are hoisted as we discuss The Blue Wave (TBD), Goodbye Sessions, AT&T Buys Us All, and FOOD STILL BE POISON Y'ALL!

Barking Point: What's the next worst comingling of brands that will finally open the Hellmouth?

Sponsors: Gyro, Izzy Wintrell, Jake Soot, JD Laclede, John Franklin, Lance...

Nov 4, 2018

Now with Lunostophiles! Trump Beats a Dead Constitution, Julian Assange Won't Clean His Gatdang Room, and WeWork is an Amazing Work of 1970s British Sci-Fi. Luno presents Hostile Architecture & What to Do About It.

Barking Point: Design your own Avatar sequel.

Sponsors:Adept Omega, Appledectomy, Aylor, Bobskunk,...

Oct 28, 2018

THE WHOLE GANG IS HERE! We cover the MAGAbomber, 23 & Me: Don't Do It, and Red Dead Redemption 2's true price.

Barking Point: Who or what will have Megyn Kelly? What new lows await?

Sponsors: gay luna, Gyro, Izzy Wintrell, Jake Soot, JD Laclede, John Franklin, Lance Leoghauni, Lunostophiles, mkatze, Mogu the Panda,...

Oct 14, 2018

Check your beef, Hatsune Ronnie is now at the Reagan Library, the latest in Kanye's "I'm Super-Mega Canceled Now" Tour, and we're all going to climate change summer school.

Barking Point: Design your own Twilight Zone-style Poetic Justice for our society's unaccountable.

Sponsors: Adept Omega, Appledectomy, Bobskunk,...