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Barking Points Memo

Dec 16, 2018

With an extremely reduced cast, Ace makes his move and takes over the programming. Baby Powder has had asbestos in it for decades, Trump's overt crimes are finally getting recognized, and the Falwell family can suck it.

Barking Point: Design your ultimate luxury (doomed) cruise line.

Next Week is a MailBag! barkingpoints[at] 

Sponsors: Jake Soot, JD Laclede, John Franklin, Lance Leoghauni, Lunostophiles, mkatze, Mogu the Panda, Nerts, Nik Clarkson, no, Plague Daemon, scuttlefuzz, SixArmedSweater, Spooky Biscuits, Takel, VerySoftBadger, and Wolfinator

Theme Music: "Barking Point" by Solardog