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Barking Points Memo

Aug 19, 2020

OH NO THERE'S ELECTION STUFF TO TALK ABOUT, but don't worry, we also talk about birds, animatronic gorillas, mothman with an ass that doesn't quit, and the USPS.

BARKING POINT: Design your very own theme restaurant of the damned.
This episode's Barking Pointers:

Aug 8, 2020

August starts off with a macro-sized episode covering a wide array of topics including Bon Appetit bleeding talent, Bubk the Blub, Disney charging 30bux for freakin' MULAN, and the Army getting embarrassed yet again.

Barking Point: You find yourself with a monkey's paw and the ability to bring back one cartoon you love,...

Aug 2, 2020

We end July with a sandwich of pain! You can't escape moral responsibility, but the Sierra Club actually starts to grapple with its racist past, but then Ubisoft and AAA games are filled with abuse and cheap nihilism, though Twitch does score a victory against the US Military.

Barking Point: Design the next deranged...