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Barking Points Memo

Nov 10, 2021

We check in with the labor report where Image Comics workers decide to form a union! Yay! CVS wants to make it legal to harm people with disabilities by institutionalizing benign neglect! Boo! But then there's a Popluck so it's not all newsy.

BARKING POINT: Inspired by ABBA's return, what band, long inactive, would you like to see a new surprise album from?

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"Bossa Antigua" "Backbay Lounge" "Apero Hour" "Crinoline Dreams" "Opportunity Walks" "Samba Isobel" "Shades of Spring" "Dispersion Relation" "Bass Vibes" "Overcast" "Your Call" "In Your Arms" "Bummin on Tremelo" "AcidJazz" "Poppers and Prosecco" "NoGoodLayabout" "Hep Cats" by Kevin MacLeod (
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