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Barking Points Memo

Mar 31, 2020

We're back to talking news this episode with stemming the tide of ecofascism whether it's middle-school nihilism or attempts by the Trump administration to disestablish tribes.

Barking Point: Unexpected Leftist Turns from Celebrities, Brands, or Institutions

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This Week's Barking Pointers:

"Bossa Antigua" "Backbay Lounge" "Apero Hour" "Crinoline Dreams" "Opportunity Walks" "Samba Isobel" "Shades of Spring" "Jazz Brunch" "Deuces" "Overcast" "Walking Along" "In Your Arms" "Bummin on Tremelo" "Hep Cats" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

Theme Music: "Barking Point" by Solardog