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Barking Points Memo

Oct 24, 2021

Axel and Sahoni talk about all the labor activism that is happening lately, almost like some kind of consciousness is struggling to be born.
BARKING POINT: Write the environmental storytelling logs left behind on Carnival Cruise's Serenade of the Sea nine-month voyage of intestinal distress.
SPONSORS: Graith Ilesanmi, Drífa Jónsdóttir, Dissonant Dragon, Deltanova, Chris, blimpeh, Aylor, Aode (Lion), & Ahundred

"Bossa Antigua" "Backbay Lounge" "Apero Hour" "Crinoline Dreams" "Opportunity Walks" "Samba Isobel" "Shades of Spring" "Dispersion Relation" "Bass Vibes" "Overcast" "Your Call" "In Your Arms" "Bummin on Tremelo" "AcidJazz" "Poppers and Prosecco" "NoGoodLayabout" "Hep Cats" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (
Theme Music: "Barking Point" by Solardog