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Barking Points Memo

Feb 7, 2021


We talk Sophie, COVID vaccines and how they work, Jan 6th, the starting of the Biden administration, a furry update, and new developments at Neom.

BARKING POINT: Imagine that The Dark Carnival has been sold to Cirque du Soliel, what are the acts?

Article about THE LINE:

This Week's Barking Pointers:

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"Bossa Antigua" "Backbay Lounge" "Apero Hour" "Crinoline Dreams" "Opportunity Walks" "Samba Isobel" "Shades of Spring" "Dispersion Relation" "Bass Vibes" "Overcast" "Your Call" "In Your Arms" "Bummin on Tremelo" "AcidJazz" "Poppers and Prosecco" "NoGoodLayabout" "Hep Cats" by Kevin MacLeod (
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